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Dominican Republic Flag (with crest)
Dominican Republic Flag (with crest)

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Book Club Expectations

Marissa, Rachel, & Austin

Outside of Class
· Work Ethic
o Bring in quotes or passages of interest
o We will read the amount of time every night it takes to read the allotted amount of pages
o 2 syllabi per person
· Accountability
o If a member of the group forgets their book, it will not be a problem unless some vital information we needed not available
o If a member does not do the syllabus, they will have to take over the next person’s syllabus and bring vegetables(or any form of salty delectable)
o We will remind our group members of their outside responsibilities to avoid any ugly situations
o If someone is ill they should inform their group members especially if it was their day to bring in the syllabus then they should email it to their group or post it on wikispace
In Class
· Work Ethic
o All members should be focused and on task
o We should follow the syllabus for the day, making sure we cover every topic in the allotted amount of time
· Accountability
o If the bell rings and we are not completely finished we will allow a few minutes in the next syllabus to finish up
o If someone is off task, we will kindly remind them of our goal and focus for the day- if this does not work we will make them do another syllabus and bring more food

With all of our hearts,