Day 1:
Compulsive Overeating Disorders
A large amount of binge eaters are male unlike anorexia or bulimia.
Over eating is a way to deal with struggles and tends to be in spurts.
Tend to be black and white thinkers.

Day 2:
Junot Diaz
He is drawn to dictators.
Through the book he is the only one talking no matter what characters he is hiding behind.
Likes to challange the sterotypes of people.

Day 3:
Both Beli and Cinderella fall "in love" deeply, quicly and completely.
Both Beli and Cinderella don't get along with their mothers.
Both Beli and Cinderella fear being vunerable but totally put themselves out there.

Day 4:
Overcoming Obstacles
The characters in the novel face many challenging obstacles in their lives.
Overcoming these trials ultimately strengthens them in the long run.
The past is what shapes who a person is, including their hardships.
Difficulties become part of the person and getting over them betters them as people.

Day 6:
Diaz does not have much of a point in writting the book in terms of deeper meaning. His goal and purpose was to enlighten the public to life in the Dominican republic.
If anything, Diaz is trying to show that relationships should not be the sole purpose in life. He also is trying to suggest avoiding material relationships.